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I’m confused on how to put page numbers after a quote in an essay…?

I always used to put the period before the end quotation, and the page number after, like so:”The cat jumped over the dog.” (2)However, my last English teacher told me that was wrong. I think her correction went something like this:”The cat jumped over the dog” (2).Are either of those correct or do I have […]

Love confused, who would you choose? I’m at a loss?

I have a boyfriend for 3years now and I recently went overseas and alot of family friends and family asked if I would be interested in marrying them (Marrying outside of the country is a big opp). I had a few guys sweet talk me and I said no everytime, and the one cousin who […]

I will not graduate because of this one paragraph essay! im confused and nobody will help?

write a brief one paragraph description of each of the following items. Observe each item carefully before describing it. Try to use at least one metaphor per item.a shabby sofa (or at least one that shows some wear)a building or a parkan animala child User tags:a shabby sofa (or at least one that shows some […]

What should i do my descriptive essay on? Im so confused.?

Were doing descriptive essays and i have no idea what to do mine on. Please keep in mind that this is only a sixth grade essay. I was going to do it on twilight, but how unoriginal would that be. Then i was thinking about doing it on “The Secret Life of an American teenager” […]

Is this considered an essay? CONFUSED?

The Stuffed animal that once meant a lot to me When I was a little girl , my choice of the perfect present would always have to be a cute stuffed animal . I absolutely loved stuffed animals, I found them so cute and I can always tell my secrets to them and I was […]

Please help me.. How do I identify patterns and characteristics in an essay? I am very confused. Thank you?

look for repetition of points or lines. also look for the style. does it ask alot of questions to the reader? or does it take a more demanding approach? stuff like that. i cant remember all the names for that stuff.the big things i remember to look for are: repetition, rephrasing. another stratagy is when […]

Turn it I am confused. Please help?

I have to hand in a research paper in tomorrow. One of the requirements is that we turn it in or and print out the originality report to hand in wih the essay. I submitted my essay multiple times to correct what was plagerized but now it wont let me get the originality report. […]

Need help with my narrative essay! Im confused…!?

Ok so I need to write a narrative essay for college english. and so narrative essays need to illustrate a point/purpose and in your thesis somewhere we need to state that point in it. and so I need a topic to write about, i cant think at all!it can be about:about a time you went […]

Confused About Junior HS Schedule?

Okay, Now my hope is to major in either Pre-Med to pursue a M.D. OR to become a Clinical Psychologist. Now I start my Junior year of HS on September 10th I believe. Now my Schedule has to be submitted by the end of this week. I have these classes which I’m really interested in. […]

Confused about college application process?

I’m a senior in high school, and I’m applying to all public state universities. I didn’t actually apply for any yet, and I don’t have any applications. When should I start applying? I’m not applying for early action/decision, but I want to start my college essays. How am I supposed to see what essays to […]