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Is it considered good writing to conclude English essays with a quote?

I think I remember my current high school English teacher telling me that I should stay away from ending with a quote, but according to several effective writing books, ending with a quote ‘ can add texture and specify your discussion’…..Is it considered good and commendable writing to end with a quote? (especially because conclusions […]

How do I conclude my to kill a mocking bird essay( I focused on inequality (gender, social and racial)?

The theme of inequality comes out strongly in the novel To kill a mocking bird as the writer, Harper Lee skilfully uses the characters of the southern community Maycomb, to depict social, racial and gender inequalities during the 1930’s time period.Racial inequality is one of the books main themes as the time period in which […]

How do i conclude my essay on romeo and juliet?

the question set was ‘how is fate used by shakespeare to create dramatic tension?’i’ve written about each act, and used quotes etc. im on 1402 words.should i basically say that fate is a theme throughout the play, and that this means the audience knows more than the characters?please help i don’t see my english teacher […]

What is a good way to conclude an essay about the Al-Qaeda?

Conclusion for Essay!

How should I conclude my essay? homework help?

In class we interview another student and write about them. This is my intro and how my body paragraphs look. CJ is a very energetic and joyful person. He is 16 years old and is incredibly athletic. He is very competitive and loves all the sports he plays. He also has a great outlook on […]

How could i conclude an autobiographical essay it has to be the last paragraph but not sure what i could say?

If it’s about you, and you’re still alive,”To be continued…”

How do you conclude a Cause & Effect Essay?

Especially when one criteria is that because of my decision to outline causes, There are to be no effects in the paper.