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Throughout mI skool yrs, the awardz and distinctions continud 2 accrue. i waz singld out for mi chartmaking in fifth grd geography and a warded a special commendation for my Ode 2 Clio in da seventh grade “Muse Off” competiion (losing de 1st prize, disgracefulli, 2 ah poem in whic da word “pigtail” was spelled […]

Can I get into these colleges?

UPennUC BerkeleyUCLABrownEmoryI am a current senior in high school.My total GPA is 3.801Weighted is 4.514My SAT score was 2300ACT: 33This is my profile: (the commas separate the grades of the classes into semesters)Freshman:Biology Honors: B,AGeometry Honors: B,CEnglish Honors: A,BGuitar: A,ASpanish: A,BJournalism: CP.E.: AWorld History: A,BSophomore:European History AP: A,AComputer Science AP:A,AArt History AP:A,AEnglish 2 Honors:A,AAlgebra 2 […]

Colleges require two years of foreign language?

I know how to speak Korean fluently and I want to write that on the essay that you need to hand in to apply for college. But I heard I can’t do that since I technically didn’t take two years of a foreign language from school… Is that true? Can I not write that I […]

Chances at these Colleges?

.1 GPA Unweighted (Improved from freshman to junior year)8 AP Classes6 Honors Classes28 ACT Composite ScoreSix or Seven Extra Curricular100 + Volunteer Hours at HospitalGood Teacher RecsGood EssaysThree years of SpanishMoney is not an issueColleges:Boston University (Undecided)North Eastern University (Honors or Undecided)Michigan State UniversitySyracuse UniversityI know my GPA is low but this is unweighted and […]

Is a 27 ACT score and my high school record good enough for these colleges?!? 10 Pts for best answer?

I just looked at my scores online and I received a 27 composite score on the act. I received a 33 in math, 23 in English, 23 in reading, and a 27 in science. I would really love to attend any of the following colleges: stanford, Harvard, rice, UCLA, USC, ut at Austin, Baylor or […]

Which colleges can i apply to with these SAT scores?

Critical Reading 540 63% Math 680 91% Writing 610 84% Multiple Choice 59 (score range: 20-80) Essay 9 (score range: 2-12) is it possible for me to get admission in Caltech.MIT seems a little too far off with these scores


I would like to share with you something about my current medical situation. Ordinarily I would not do so, as I am an intensely private person, but I now accept that my physical limitations have quite possibly impacted my high school performance in a negative manner, and I feel that it is only fair that […]

Is an activities resume needed when transferring colleges?

I am going to transfer to a different university next semester. When applying to these other schools, I know that I have to include college and high school transcripts, personal essay, etc. But do I have to include an activities resume as well? Like how I did when I was applying to colleges from high […]

How strict are colleges on application deadlines for teacher recommendations?

I have a bit of a situation right now. Basically, it’s winter break, and I have no way of contacting one of my teachers who is doing my teacher evaluation. The teacher evaluation is due January 1st, but I don’t get back to school until January 2nd. This being said, how strict are colleges on […]

What colleges can I aim for?

I am in 10th grade and these are my classes I will be taking and plan to get straight A’s…10th:AP Computer ScienceAP World HistoryEnglish 10 HonorsSpanish 3PE for Ballroom and Latin Dancesport Algebra 2Chemistry off campus at a community college over the summer.11thPre-Calc HonorsAP US HistoryAP English LanguageAP Physics BWork ExperiencePE for dancesport12thAP Physics CAP […]