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Throughout mI skool yrs, the awardz and distinctions continud 2 accrue. i waz singld out for mi chartmaking in fifth grd geography and a warded a special commendation for my Ode 2 Clio in da seventh grade “Muse Off” competiion (losing de 1st prize, disgracefulli, 2 ah poem in whic da word “pigtail” was spelled […]

College Essay Thesis Statement HELP/THOUGHTS? PLEASE?

Im doing my final essay for my english class on THE BLACK PRINCE by Iris Murdoch. The Thesis statement that came up with is “Murdoch uses the characters in the story to convey the message that marriage never works out as planned.” What are your thoughts on this thesis statement? Can i add something or […]

Various questions about college scholarships?

I am a sophomore in High School, currently I have a 4.0 GPA, I take the most challenging courses my school offers and my projected score for the ACT is a 32. I want to attend an out of state private college, but it is extremely expensive. My family does not qualify the for need-based […]

What do you think of this college application essay?

Around 7th or 8th grade, I started sliding from an agnostic to a full-blown atheist. It was no longer possible for me to believe in a god that would allow tragedies to happen, nor to ignore the evidence of evolution and creation presented by scientists. With my continued involvement in my church’s youth group, this […]

500 words essay for college transfer…what should i write about?

the application states “of your choice” im a little stumped thoughim majoring in Architecture and am currently in a community collegei dont really want to write a plane essay about “oh look how far i’ve come” blah blah blahi thought about writing why im choosing Architecture or what i hope to accomplishidk i want something […]

What’s the best way in approaching a college essay?

once i conceive the idea, i brainstorm and think of all my answers, then i try and sort my answers into paragraphs. i write the body first and the intro and conclustion last.IS THERE A GOOD SIMPLE STRUCTURE TO FOLLOW IN WRITING AN ACADEMIC ESSAY?

Could you comment on this introduction to a college essay for Boston College?

All this is is an introduction. I haven’t edited it at all. Over the course of life, humans incessantly ascertain life lessons to have a better and more fulfilling existence. These lessons could span from toddlers learning to share their toys in order to make others just as happy as they are to adolescents and […]

How soon should I apply to college?

I’d really like to attend Indiana University-Bloomington and applications opened today but I’m not sure if I should apply now? Their application is fairly simple seeing as how you don’t have to write an essay or have to get letters of reccommendation (those things are optional) but yeah.. they primarily focus on class rank, GPA, […]

Please edit my college admissions essay?

1 In your opinion, what is the difference between intelligence and wisdom? You may cite a historical or fictional example, or offer an illustration from your own experience.150 word limit, currently at 146 The importance of upbringing becomes clear while contrasting intelligence with wisdom. We use our intelligence to gather information from our experiences, but […]

How am I supposed to write a good college admissions essay if I have nothing unique about me?

Everything I would possibly write about is considered something you should not write about in your college admissions essay, since so many people write about those topics already. I have nothing special about me. I don’t play any sports, don’t do anything outside of school, etc. There is nothing for me to talk about.