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What are global/world issues concerning Chemistry?

I need a topic for an essay in Chemistry, so, what are local, global/world issues that have to do(even vaguely) with Chemistry? I have to explain how science is applied to addressing the local or global issue. Explain some of the benefits and limitations of science in solving the issue. Discuss how science and its […]

Do you suck at physics chemistry and engineering if you are good at math but bad at programming languages?

Sorry for asking this again but here goes nothing. Hey all, I am a 20 year old John Abbott College student who is planning to switch from computer science into something else(mainly social science) because of 2 bad teachers who completely make my life miserable(and I completely suck at programming regardless of the fact that […]

Can you help me with chemistry?

Metals are important to everyone’s life. In the space provided below, write about the way five different metals are important to your life. If you are uncertain about the exact content of a metal in an object then look it up to be sure. Write about 50 words for each metal. You can use more […]

Please help me with my chemistry or explain to me?

The mid-1970s brought a big controversy in the scientific world concerning the use and misuse of propellants in aerosol dispensers. Some scientists felt that aerosol chemicals sprayed into the atmosphere would destroy the ozone (O3) layer enveloping the earth.When a typical chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), such as Freon (CCl3F), reaches the height of the ozone layer, the […]

How is chemistry important to life?

i need to write short essay about this….intro. mainbody and conclusion…..atleast ideas are fine too.

Chemistry Regents 2008, what did you think?

I took it today. I thought it was harder then previous years :[ The multiple choice was easy, the part 2…not so much. For example that question with the molecular polarity and intermolecular forces. I guessed n i hope i got it right. Im looking into the high 80′s-90′s. And then tomorrow we have the […]

Essay on chemistry in environmental protection and economic development?

this may help you find sites to plan your essay. [external link] …This gave me so many sites, including one with a ready prepared free essay.

Is it safe to say that anything that happens in the world involves Chemistry?

I want to write this in my opening sentence in my Admission essay for Pharmacy school, but i want it to be an interesting and thought-provoking for the reader…the sentence will pretty much say that anything that happens in the world (eating,breathing,growing, etc.) involves chemistry but I’m not sure if that’s entirely true? Also what […]

How can I write an essay about the Hindenburg disaster for Chemistry?

I have to write an essay about the Hindenburg Disaster by Monday for my Science teacher. No idea how I am going to do it.

I have a chemistry essay I have to write…?

It has to be 1,000 words and relating to chemistry (obviously) before 1850.I really would like to do it on something pertaining to nutrition.I don’t really know exactly what to do though, and it has to be a broad topic so that I can write 1,000 words on it, but also kind of narrow, as […]