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What are the chances of me getting admitted to cal poly san luis obispo?

My GPA isnt very high its about 3.3My SAT scores where onceCritical Reading 420 Math 400 Writing 520no essay score yetand then the other time(1st time)Critical Reading 480 Math 460 Writing 460essay-8haven’t taken act but will soon, also taking the sat subject test this weeki want to know if i have any chance whatsoever so […]

Chances of getting into a good school or ivy league?

Chances of getting into a good school or ivy league?my overall gpa is about a 3.8, got 750 on global SAT IIs, 690 on math, 2200 on regular SATs. also i’m a minority (my mother is puerto rican) and i’m in 6 clubs, and do 2 sports. I also made national honor society, and spanish […]

What are my chances of getting in to Duke or Yale?

I’m a senior in high school and I want to attend a Duke or Yale University I am co-captain of a varsity sports team, president of an academic club, vice president of math team, and treasurer of another club. I am a member of the national honor society and the science national honor society. I […]

With my current resume what are my chances of getting into the fallowing schools?

I am currently looking these schools and wondering based on my resume what my chances of getting into each one of these schools is:NYUColumbia UniversityYaleCornellGeorgetown UniversityGeorge Washington UniversityUniversity of Michigan–Ann ArborUC BerkeleyUniversity of VirginiaUSCUCLAMy weighted GPA’s9th: 3.010th: 3.87511th: 4.612th: 4.9Weighted GPA Avg.:Unweighted GPA:9th:3.010th:3.711th:4.012th:4.0Extra Circulars:3 year member of Key Club2 year member of student Government (Student […]

CHANCES at UCSC UCSB UCD and cal poly SLO… pleaseee?

GPA:3.19SAT: 1740- CR:640- math: 520- writing: 580SAT 2′s:- lit: 640- math: 410EC’s:- I’ve had a job all four years- Played softball for two years water polo for one year- headed a fundraiser for the march of dimes charity- speech and debate for two years- choir for 4 years- 3 ap classes by high schools end […]

Chances to top 50 city schools?

Hey guys, with senior year coming up I thought I’d make a chance thread to help get me a bit pumped up for my last year in High School!Anways, I go to a very competitive public school in NY. We send tons of kids to Ivies, have over 25 AP classes offered,etc. Very good rep […]

My chances to be a QuestBridge finalist?

I am applying to some colleges through QuestBridge College Match and I was wondering my chances.ACT: 33(Retaking Sep 10 to hopefully score higher)GPA: (UW) 3.53Annual Income: Sub 50K w/ 5 person householdWork Exp: I’ve worked at a clothing company since 2009-presentI have published research in math and have been a part of an internationally ranked […]

Please tell me what my chances are for getting accepted to boston university are?

already got rejected from my top choice =( here are my stats:OOS white female from VirginiaSAT: 600 CR, 600 M, 630 RGPA: 3.48 unweighted4′s on AP euro and AP US HistoryCurrently taking 3 more AP classes, and have taken 3 IGSCE (honors program at my school) classesAP US History student of the yearHealth/PE II student […]

Out of state chances to Duke University/UNC Chapel Hill?

Hello! I’m a pretty energetic kid looking to attend one of the aforementioned schools. I’ve been convinced that this is where I fit the best, and I know I’ll thrive there. They are both fantastic schools, and provide programs that I want to take part in. I am aware that it is difficult to secure […]

Why does Charles Darnay have so many chances at redemption?

I wrote an essay all about redemption, and how Dickens shows how he thinks that redemption is possible through his three characters: Sydney Carton, Doctor Manette, and Charles Darnay.One correction my friend made on my paper was to further explain WHY does Charles have so many chances at redemption. WHY does Dickens redeem him 3 […]