century? essays

Compare and contrast three movements that involved the politics of identity in the 20th century?

could someone help me understand (in examples) how to write an essay on this?

Any good post WWII 20th century essay topics/theses/arguments?

Gah, I normally wouldn’t be asking this…I’m a third year anthropology and international relations student, but my god I’m having such troubles finding a good argument for topics in history papers. I really need some good suggestions on post WWII 20th century essay topics/theses/arguments.I am very interested in the Polish Solidarity Movement, the third world […]

What were the hardships in london in the 19th century?

my english teacher has given me less than 24hours to write an essay on that, so could anyone tell me abit about it or even better link me to a website than i can just copy and paste? thanks

Briefly characterize the experiences of the clergy and churchgoers in the eighteenth century British NAmerica?

I have to answer this for an essay qeustion

Why has Hitler remained one of the most studied ditators of the 20th century?

Web links would be helpful. I have to write a five paragraph essay.

Was Mid 18th Century democrats evil?

For my Assignment, I have to examine a picture for the subject im doing and im looking at the picture and he dressed like someone you would see in court or possibly someone with a fair amount of power. He also has one of them drama masks on that looks evil. So i got thinking. […]

What kind of social problems did industrialization cause at the turn of the 20th century (in america)?

i have to do an essay on the jungle.

Why was there high unemployment in the 16th century?

I’m doing a history essay and need to know why there was high unemployment in the 16th century, and why there was no organized police force… HELP !

Why did witch trials peak in the 17th Century?

I have an essay due in and i need some help to answer this question Helpp? xx