causes essays

What are some good topics as to writing an essay about causes and effects of that topic?

Any ideas? Please help! Thank you~!

List the three most significant causes for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet?

I have to do an essay for school on this topic. please help me with ideas and how the structure of the essay should go. I really want to do good on this. Please provide great detail and maybe some websites too that would help thanks

Causes why the United States became involved in the Iraq War.?

I am asking this question because have to write an essay for my English class but all the topics have to do with history and i never paid attention in history class.

Help me find a good online encyclopedia that talks about the causes of the crusades?

i wrote my essay already but i need some quotes to through in supporting my argument that the crusades were primarily motivated by religious factors. i know im working backwards but i need to finish this thing soo i can enjoy whats left of my summer. the only online encyclopedia that i found with info […]

What causes a school to fail?

I’m doing a term paper on failing schools in america and i still don’t have a clear enough answer to put into essay form. I just want to now how they are caused, because i know all else that i need to know.

What causes and prevent sex crimes?

I am writing a mini essay on this topic and ideas would help.

Causes of the economic growth & prosperity of 1920s (roaring twenties)?

i am writing a essay for my history class and i need some help identifying the causes of the economic growth and prosperity of the 1920′s. i also need 3 groups who benefited from the growth and 3 groups who didn’t benefitany help would be awesome!

Causes of WWI questions?

im writing a DBQ (document based question) for world history and i need outside informationthe three causes of the war im focusing on are:militarismalliancestensions between countriesif you could tihnk of any specific examples or somehing i could talk about in my essay that proves why they caused the war

What were the causes for American imperialism in the late 19th and early 20th centries?

it is for my history homework n i need it in essay form if you can

Discuss problems of conducting research into the causes of stress?

Need help with psychology essay.Studies to use: kanner, johansson, and Geer and maisel User tags:discuss problems of conducting research into the causes of stress