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Catchy Title for Marketing Essay?

Looking for a catchy title for my dissertation related to Marketing concept of Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning …could use word Differentiation as well…Im all out of ideas..any help?

What’s a catchy introduction sentence for an essay about leadership?

help please? maybe a quote or something..

I need a catchy title for an essay about why americans don’t vote.?

“No, we won’t!”or”No, we don’t!”

Help with catchy title for my essay about gun violence in school?

Haha, it made me laugh that you had to clarify your stance; “My position is that I am very much in favour of gun violence in schools, and my essay is about how to promote it!” But that might just be me. Haha ”Guns Don’t Kill People; Children Do: The Changing Face of American/Insert-Your-Country-Here Schools.””Trigger […]

HELP! Catchy title for a school uniform essay? (10 points)?

Hi. i’m writing an essay on why I am for school uniforms. My english teacher told me that if we don’t have a unique and catchy title she’ll take off points. I’m completely stuck so can someone please help me? Thank you (:

A catchy opening for a socialized healthcare essay (meaning in favor of socialized healthcare)? ?

I need to bounce off of some ideas procastinating lead me to writers block:[ I want something that will catch the readers attention, like a statistic or a thought provoking question..

What is a catchy title for Dominican republic?

i have to write an essay and i need a catchy title for the dominican repbulic

I need a catchy title for my essay?

I wrote an essay on how FDR is a hero and I need an interesting title for it

I need a ‘catchy’ title for my essay?

The essay is about the young adult novel Stolen by Lucy Christopher (which is about a girl that gets kidnapped) and how accurate it is to how kidnapping is in real life.

I need a good catchy title for my persuasive essay!?

hello, my essay is about the danger involved when kids have unlimited access to the internet so ,i need a title that shows i am against it and shows that my essay is about the kids and the internet access. Please help me come up with a great title. All suggestions are appreciated.