can’t essays

I can’t remember the name of a certain website… could you PLEASE help me?!?

It’s a website that uses wiki to write essays for you. I remember the background of it was green and the example topic was the civil war. i think i remember a big green button that says “GO” but im unsure. I can’t find it and it’s making me so mad! School starts tomorrow and […]

Why can’t I concentrate anymore?

I’ve struggled all my life through college, with spelling, writing long pieces of text, forming notes, that sort of thing. (also never been able to learn left and right off the top of my head if that’s any relevance, have to use my thumb and first finger to form an ‘L’ for left). I’ve started […]

I can’t start my Gatsby essay. Help?

Hi everyone, my 2-3 page MLA format essay about the Great Gastsby starts on Monday and I’m having a lot of trouble starting it. I already have an outline.. but I don’t know where to go from there. How do I start this thing?

Essay Writing.. i need help i can’t write an essay to save my life! i need help some to write it for me.?

i will give BIG Points to the person who can write me a good essay!It has to be a Informal Essay here are some of the topics that it has to be writin on.Where i grew up influenced the way i see things.why i am proud of my family’s history.or whatever u the writer would […]

I just want to quit studies all together, just can’t take this burden! please help!?

Well,, I’m a post-grad student at university. This is my first semester of post-grad and its intimidating. The whole semester is gone with those huge horrible Essay writing assignments and exams start in 2 weeks. Again have to write essays. I don’t know what the hell i need to do, I’m not good at writing […]

Help me revise this…. Its philo paper. I can’t think of a title. I’m looking to make it better..?

(FIRST PART THE ESSAY IS TO LONG TO PUT ON HERE)Explain and evaluate Socrates’ arguments in the Meno for and against the claim that virtue is knowledge and so teachable. How does he try to resolve the matter in the end of the dialogue? Which position seems most reasonable to you? Why?In Plato’s dialogue Socrates […]

Can’t remember the word on the tip of my tongue?

The word I need to write in an essay. It’s on the tip of m tongue but can’t remember it… It’s a specific word, which means ‘a clear voice inside our head’. Something like an inspiration. You get a sudden realization of what’s correct for you because of this voice.

Please help! I can’t focus?

I’m supposed to be doing a HUGE project that I have to present on THIS Monday (two days from now), and I still have to draw a map, make a timeline, a social pyramid, and 2 more outlines (like writing 2 three paragraph essays). Plus I have to practice presenting this! I cannot focus at […]

I have to do a photo essay for a photography class, but I can’t choose a story, any ideas?

It has to tell a story with 6-10 photos and I need some inspiration.

Help. I cant stop using big words?

so im writing this lab report and i cant stop using big words. the report is good, but i wish i could use small words where it might be needed. Im in college and i have noticed from Reading other peoples work that i generally use big words. when i read other peoples work its […]