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Canadian Immigration 1896-1914 Essay….. i need help with stuck?

Canadian Immigration 1896-1914 Essay….. i need help with stuck…i need to finish my esssay by weds… this is for my grade 10 history class

A question regarding Canadian foreign policy during Lloyd Axworthy’s era?

What is it that Lloyd Axworthy argues Canadians could and should do to bring about global change? Why should Canada focus its foreign policy of human security? Have Canadian policy-makers headed Axworthy’s call? What policies have been followed?It’s actually my essay question, just need more thoughts on thatthanks!

Can someone please edit my essay on the advantages and disadvantages on canadian confederation?

please fix any my mistakes and if there are any flaws please make it better There are many different advantages and disadvantages about confederation. If the canadas united it would have a bigger military instead of them having there own small militia, and canada would also be the biggest nation on earth. The canadas also […]

Grade 10 Canadian History Essay Topics?

I need one that has anything to do with Canada between the beginning of WW1 to Contemporary Canada. I need to be able to make (and answer) five inquiries (analytical) questions. I need to be able to develop sub-topics and opinions on it.

What are three reasons why Canada’s auto industry is important to the Canadian economy?

For a geography project, I have to write an essay on a Candian industry and why is the MOST IMPORTANT industry to Canada’s economy. I chose the auto industry. I need three reasons why it is important, I already have two: that it creates trade/exports and that it creates a lot of jobs. What is […]

Canadian Legal Advice?

I have a blog called “Notes” where basically I post class notes, essays I’ve written, little bits of class-related topics and so on, all written by myself…Up till now I’ve kept it private because I wasn’t sure if it was legal to post class notes online. Every post is properly sourced in MLA format – […]

How was the Japanese Canadian Internment NOT justified?

I am writing an essay on the Japanese Canadian internment, and I need THREE points that describe how the internment of Japanese Canadians was wrong. PLEASE help me, I need this as soon as possible! Thank you all so much for your responses!

Should Canadian government provide affordable housing for people earning low incomes?

i have this 4 page essay due on Monday on “Should the Canadian government provide affordable housing for people with low income?”i have a few questions:because the government is running this this would come out of our taxes right?allowing this would increase taxes?would this also also be a magnet to immigrants, if they find out […]

What is the Canadian Government doing to protect its lakes/rivers and oceans from water pollution?

I have the Action Plan for Clean Water already from the Environmental Canada website. Can anyone give me more information about what they are doing? I’m writing an essay about water pollution.Also, what other factors do industries have to not get rid of chemicals properly other than the cost?Thank you : )

What is a recent issue in Canadian government policy either fed or provincial that i could write an essay on?

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