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Iliad and Letters from Iwo Jima both depict war in similar ways, how do I write an essay?

Topic Two The Iliad and Letters from Iwo Jima both depict war in similar ways. On the one hand, war is an opportunity for adventure and personal glory. On the other hand, war is an act of ritualized, brutal violence from which there is no escape. On balance, do the Iliad and Letters from Iwo […]

Opinions on euthanasia from both sides?

I have always been raised to support dying with dignity, (I have an essay to write, so I am finding it hard to write and fully form an essay.)I need opinions from other people on euthanasia. I feel my ideas on both sides are lacking as I have never studied the subject deeply, but I […]

How does romeo and juliet both mature during the course of the play?

my assignemtn is to write an essay on how romeo and julie both muture during hte course.-explain in detail how romeo and juliet both mature during the course of hte play. Cite examples from their speech or actions that show your position.i need a little help. please ? how do they mature. what are some […]

What is a good website concerning both sides of the debate of immigration?

i am trying to do a persuasive essay on why should the United States grant some kind of way for immigrants to become legalized here. Is there any website you can recommend?…thank you

Can tourism in a country involve both locals and foreigners?

when Analyzing a decline in a tourism industry due to a disease ( chikungunya) present in that country, can you analyze both foreign tourist and local tourist? or does it make more sense to just talk about the foreign tourist not coming to that country because of that disease. is talking about local tourist rather […]

Describe the experiences of the soldiers in both armies during the Civil War?

I have to do an essay tomorrow on this topic and was wondering if anyone had some ideas.I have a general idea, but nothing I feel confident on writing an essay on.Any help would be nice. Thank you =]

Do you remember of a situation when you have cried and laughed both at the same time ?

I remember when I was in 8 th standard, it was a day to distribute the annual result cards and to my surprise everyone got his / her result card expect me, I started crying , but to my surprise I had stood first in all the divisions and the principal wanted to give the […]

What is the definition of honor? Brutus and Caesar both consider themselves to be honorable men, yet they..?

..have very different ideas on what is right and wrong. In a descriptive essay, detail the positive and negative traits of both men and explain how the traits help each man become a greater leader. User tags:content

Causes of the Vietnam war, outcome on both Vietnam and the American soldiers….thanks! ;-)?

I have a college essay due and I am having a little trouble. I have done research but need more input from people on the effects of the outcome on Vietman and America both the people and the economy. Why did President Johnson escalate the war? Any info is helpfull. If you know facts and […]