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SQA Advanced Higher Biology 2011?

Is anyone here sitting this exam on Wednesday? How are you revising for it? I am using the BrightRed book and scholar books to revise and then I am going to try some past papers and learn some essays. I hope the essays are decent. What essays do you hope come up? I would be […]

Biology Essay Question Help?

Each of the following events requires the recognition of a molecule. Explain how each of the recognition processes occur:A) target cells recognize hormonesB) b cells recognize antigensC) postsynaptic membranes recognize neurotransmitters

Biology, essay assignment…Help!?

I have been set a biology essay and was hoping i could get some help from you guys.Essay title is: Discuss methods used to explore the structure of a cellNB: i do AS biology so no undergraduate stuff.Thanks in advance!

Biology Essay- Vaccines?

I have an essay to write for Biology, worth 15 marks.”How has it been possible to eliminate smallpox but not malaria from the world population?”This is the information I was given:”In 1787 Edward Jenner discovered that inoculation of people with material from sores on the hands of cowpox sufferers (a mild non-lethal disease) protected them […]


An interbreeding population sometimes gives rise to two populations. Discuss the possible roles of isolation, mutation, natural selection and genetic drift in the formation of two distinct species.

I need help with a biology question?

Please describe what genetic changes on the cellular level would be required for the pumpkin to appear out of the pumpkin patch.In class we have been discussing photosynthesis so i am thinking the question has something to do with that and cellular respiration. Please help me i am not sure how to answer this essay […]

Help with topics for my long term Biology photoessay/paper?

I have to create a combination photoessay/term paper by the end of the year….the project’s premise is to compose a project addressing a global biological or health problem…the only problem is i’m having some trouble coming up with ideas for my project….. Any ideas out there?thanks!

I need help on an essay for biology?

Ok for biology we watched the movie outbreak and now we need to write a one page essay double spaced on the movie and how the bological weapon was killing innocent people and how i feel about it? im lost cusae i know that the virus was airborne but i understand it but to be […]

Biology Essay Help will rate you best?

Choose one plant and one animal and write a paper that includes both. In your paper, discuss the following: * general (common) name of your plant/animal and taxonomic species name of your plant/animal * type of plant/animal (phylum it falls under; plant—vascular or nonvascular; animal—invertebrate, chordate, or vertebrate) * brief description (physical characteristics; habitat(s); eating […]

If i study a month before the ap biology exam will i be ready to go when the real exam comes?

for the essay portion should i study processes of how things occur or what are the main things i should focus on to make use of my time?