best essays

Which essay title do you like best?

It is an argumentative essay on human population control. An Overflowing WorldSmothered by HumansControlling the Human Population.. etc. choose one, make your own, I just need a title!

What’s the best way in approaching a college essay?

once i conceive the idea, i brainstorm and think of all my answers, then i try and sort my answers into paragraphs. i write the body first and the intro and conclustion last.IS THERE A GOOD SIMPLE STRUCTURE TO FOLLOW IN WRITING AN ACADEMIC ESSAY?

Kite Runner HELP Essay – PLEASE ANSWER IF YOU READ? 10 pts for best answer?

Q- how does amir’s decision to get/ rescue sohrab show he has changed from childhood? i am having serious trouble writing this essay and using examples from the chapetr to support my answer/ so any help would greatly be appreciated

I need help with my research essay!?! 10 points for best answer!?

I have a report on the 1930′s Dust Bowl. My essay is a research report and it says on my instructions only to report information and not to have commentary. Does this mean I use facts by “copy and paste” and the just quote it and do bibliography? Can I state a fact without using […]

Which thesis do you like best keep in mind i am in 9th grade and pre ib class (advanced class)?

Without Greek mathematic contributions in trigonometry, geometry, and scientific observations, modern physics, medicine, architecture, and math would not have evolved as essay is about greek mathematicsthe whole subjecthow do i revise it to make it better

Reword this to sound better best gets 10 points i promise!?

The adults contrast with the children during the play. The adults somehow act immature and the children seem more grown up. For example, the adults have an argument at any situation, while Anne and Peter are thinking more differently and growing up. As a result Anne gets everyone presents for Hanukkah to try and make […]

Deontological ethical theory? 10 points best answer?

I have to describe the circumstances, the moral dilemma and the result that would agree with deontological theory in an essay for one of my classes.Can anyone help explain what exactly it is? From my understanding it’s a set of rules that is based whether or not its right or wrong based on the specific […]

What’s the best sci-fi you have ever read in the essay form?

Dune by Frank Herbert

What person, place, event, creation or concept best describes the renaissance?

I am doing an essay on the question above but I just can’t come up with any ideas. I was going to do the conflict between Savonarola and the Medici but I couldn’t find enough info.I need your input. Please Help!

Best features compare between argentina and colombia?

So.. i have a compare and contrast essay on these 2 countries …what are the 3 best features to compare between argentina and colombia?If anyone knows please answer!