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How to start off an essay with the topic being about japans culture?

I need to start off an essay with the introduction or topic sentence being about japans culture but im having trouble thinking of something help.

Need a three page paper on why i should be let back in my english class i need an apology for being rude also?

i was kicked out of my class for being disrespectful and i was disrespectful during a parent teacher conference i need a 3 paper essay about y i should be let back in class and what i will do if i was able to go back in class

What kind of policies are being inforced to protect the environment during economic development?

I need to know for an essay I’m writing for school. It’s become rather hard to find out on google. If anyone can direct me to websites or give me some info, I’d be most appreciative.

If i write a paper in school about legalizing marijuana, would the school drug test me, or am I being paranoid?

I live in Missouri, and -could- the school legally test me just because of a paper?It’s a persuasive essay, I am going to make it clear to legalize for medicinal purposes and the teacher said no restrictions on the topic.

Was my AP teacher being fair ?

Yesterday when I had AP English she wasn’t there so we had a substitute, that day was also the day my 6 page essay & my notebook was due.The substitute said to leave our assignments on a table at the end of class but I didn’t want to risk loosing my notebook or essay and […]

AP US Government. Being an American Essay?

My topic to write about is responsibility. More so, how Americans are responsible. I need two examples. I want to use something like Hurricane Katrina, and how people offered help. The problem is.. I don’t know specific cases. If anyone knows of a specific person or a specific group who did something exceptionally good.I also […]

Whats the difference in being on the Confederate or a Union?

I need help for a essay. I have to choose what side i would raher be on and why, But i have no idea. What should I say?

“how can I encourage my friends to show pride in being an American” essay?

no idea what to write… need some ideas? how CAN i encourage my friends to show pride in being an american? Is that even possible lol.

May someone please help me get started with an essay about being lonely?

Just let me know how can I help you?

Good title for a story about being lost from parents?

i need it for my narrative essay but my teacher is very picky so it has to be really good or else she will not like it. thnx )