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Can someone help me write a proper thesis statement because i am lost?

Ok so my broad topic is “The Haitian Crisis.” My narrowed topic is “Haitian Poverty and Recovery.”In my essay i want to talk a little bit about the earthquake with some data on it, why Haiti was and is still so poor and how they plan to recover.Can someone help me with this? Or at […]

Writing an essay on how my interest/passion for fashion or style is because of my mother.?

Any helps,tips.hints on how I should start this off will be super appreciated (been stumped for days) -.-thankssss )

When you were a kid, did your parents tell you not to cry because you are a man?

I want to do a survey on it and write an essay about this topic.

College classes: Take 18 s.h. and get a class out of the way, or 14 s.h. because it’s better for my schedule?

So I’m starting my senior year of college on Monday, and as far as classes left that I need to take before I graduate I have a handful of classes for my majors and then one of the required general education classes, a science course with a lab. As it is now I’m registered for […]

I will not graduate because of this one paragraph essay! im confused and nobody will help?

write a brief one paragraph description of each of the following items. Observe each item carefully before describing it. Try to use at least one metaphor per item.a shabby sofa (or at least one that shows some wear)a building or a parkan animala child User tags:a shabby sofa (or at least one that shows some […]

Do companies make more money because people recycle?

can someone please help me i have this persuasive essay to turn in about recycling and i wanted to know if companies get more money because they don’t wait that much money on paper and plastic for there products since recycling gives it back for them to use

Help i always have problems with sleeping because of homework?

i am always up doing essays and projects til like 1 in the morning every night and by the time i waske up i only sleep for like 5 hours, then when the weekend comes i am always busy so throughout the coarse of a week i get between 30 and 40 hours of sleep. […]

Because theres nothing better to do right now =]?

what were u like in high school?most rebellious thing you ever did was….one tree hill or gilmore girls?favourite concert/festival been tofavourite item of clothing u wearhave you ever been in a mosh pit?im soo bored are you?the last time i wrote an essay was…i last said i love you and meant it…i last cried when…i […]

Deferred because of math SAT score?

So my first choice is University of Connecticut. I applied as an Early Applicant in Novemember, and got deferred a few days ago. My college counselor at school called them and they told her that they deferred me because of my low SAT math score. Here were my stats:Math- 430.Reading- 620Writing- 630nweighted GPA: 3.62weighted GPA: […]

Im writing a essay about a principal canceling all after activites because the students wouldnt stop littering?

what would be a good hook?