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What are my chances to get into University of Texas at Austin?

UT is my DREAM school. Here are my Stats:I want to double major in Communications (Journalism) and Political Science.3.3 gpa1680 SAT25 ACT 142/577 (Top 25%)I’m not in the top 10%.I am a managing editor for my school newspaper, I am in Key Club and Student Council. I have about 30 hours of community service. I […]

Chances of admission to UT Austin as a transfer?

Hi everyone!I am currently majoring in Civil Engineering at a university not in Texas. I am beginning my transfer app for UT Austin & TAMU and was wondering several things:1. What is a good GPA to have if I am aiming to transfer as a civil major?2.For general admission, everything is considered (gpa, essays, etc.), […]

I need an answer! Do I have a chance at getting into UT Austin as an educ. major?!?

I am currently a sophomore, and I will have 54 hours by the end of this semester, so I am almost a junior.I am 18 years old at the moment. I graduated one year early from high school under the honors program, with 18 hours of college courses under my belt.I then attended community college […]

Mary Austin Essay Question?

I have to write an essay on Mary Austin,and I really don’t get what she is talking about. Any suggestions? I’m in the 9th grade.We have to write a paragraph on a “theme” from My Neighbors field, The Basket Maker, and Water Wars..

Applying to University of Texas at Austin engineering honors program?

I know that to apply to UT you have to write the 2 personal essays, and I was wondering if I had to write an additional essay if I wanted to apply to the engineering honors program? I looked on the website and it said some of the things we consider for honors engineering are…GPA, […]

Do i even stand a chance of getting into UT austin, or ANY COLLEGE for that matter?

As I was lackadaisical in my attitude toward my studies throughout high school my chances of getting into a good university are slim to none. Without diverging on a tangent, issues such as trying to help a struggling friend with his cocaine addiction, family divorce, and mono during my junior year contributed to my rather […]

How to get into Texas University in Austin?

Sophmore Year School: Highland Park High SchoolFirst: My grade average is an 83 Including all Pre-AP and AP Classes.I am averaging a 90 in English Pre-AP and a 87 in Math Currently im in Algebra II Pre-APSecond: I’am looking forward to go into medicine at the UT in Austin. I have over 500 Community Service […]

What is the psalm according to Austin 3:16?

What is the psalm according to Austin 3:16?Need help for R.E Essay!

Would I get accepted into University of Texas at Austin?

I’m in the process of applying. I was home schooled. At 16, I earned my GED and entered Austin Community College. So far I have earned 30 credit hours and have 4.0 GPA. I have excellent and reputable professors writing letters of recommendation. I have terrific writing skills (I believe the essays will be no […]