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Attention grabber’main idea statement for essay! HELP!?

I am in the eight grade and my assignment is to write a cause and effect essay and I chose global warming for mytopic. I know exactly how I want to write it and what I am going to say, but I need help with part of the essay. I haveto have a really good […]

Can someone help me find an attention getter for my “smoking is bad” essay? examples? thx?

If you can insert pics into your essay, show healthy lungs, beside a set of a heavy smoker.Another would be to say something like-” Did you know that until 19(?), America thought that smoking was BENEFICIAL to your health?[Yes, early ads promoted cigarettes- see the original Virginia Slims ad for an example- you could even […]

What’s a good attention getter for an essay/speech about good luck?

I’m writing a speech about the time I won a big cash prize, but I can’t think of a good attention getter. Help me! ;-; User tags:good attention getters for the great gatsbyattention getter for the great gatsby

Attention shy girls! does she like me?

my friend texted me when he was at this party and told me that his girlfriends friend thinks I’m cute/hot, and gave me her number. we started texting each other for a bit then we all met up to play volleyball a couple weeks after. when I walk in the first thing she does is […]

Can someone please help me with my attention getter for my essay?

I’m doing a persuasive essay on myspacecould someone please give me a nice example of an attention getter for the really stuckplease help if you can

Attention all history buffs! I have essay questions.?

I need some help I have to write two essays on these two following subjects. They are such broad subjects I just want to get some outside opinions on the subject matter. Can anyone help me?—- The loss of empires by Spain, France, and England in the Americas.—- The impact of scientific rationalism and romanticism […]


i need an attention grabber for my essay on social networking sites…i also need a good ending to my conclusion!

Were i can find a 1000 word essay on why its important to pay attention to details an d follow orders?

It’s right on the tips of your fingers. Get typying!

I need an attention getter for my essay on the epic poem Beowulf?

I am writing an essay on Beowulf and his different characterists. All i need is an attention getter.

What would be a good attention getter for a persuasive essay about the pros of homework (whats good about it)?

Here is an opening line.Homework. Such a drag; such a waste of my time. I really do not want to do it. Everyone knows that the only words I have to remember are, “You want fries with that order.” Doing homework has a life-long effect. NOTE: now you start giving reasons for doing homework.