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How to wright an argument essay?

im writing and argument essay for Crime and Punishment by Dostoevskyits considering whether the main character’s sentence was just on what his appropriate punishment would bewould i have to lay all the different possibilties and defend mine or just layout his actual sentence and defend mine.would laying out his actual sentence require a a whole […]

How can i get this argument essay to at least a B?

i say the work smoking and smokers too much – but my english teacher said never to put they or them or it(to be really obvious)How can i get this to a grade B?also the conclusion is too long – i say things i meant to say earlier in the conclusion – but where should […]

Argument about if zoo’s are harmful or helpful?

I was given an essay to write and than later i have to argue with a person who says zoo’s are harm full.It is about if zoo’s are helpful or harm full? (good or bad)I got chosen with that zoos are helpful and safe.I need 3 good reason why they are good.I also need 2 […]

Why smoking in public should not be banned o.O i needed an opposing argument and i need aganst

So, i’m writing a big essay for english. We had to choose a controversal topic, so i chose the subject “Should smoking in public be banned?” And my opinion is YES, it should be banned. But for paragraph 5, i need this outlineV.Paragraph five: Counterargument and rebuttal A. Explain the “other side” of the argument […]

What are peoples view on the argument of how the world was created or why humans are living ?

I am doing an Religious Education project about this subject and would really love peoples views on the matter so I can write an essay.Thank You for any contributions

In an essay, how do you establish a clear line of argument without relating to yourself?

Instead of saying “I think” or “I believe”, say things like:it is unacceptable that…statistics show is evident that..It is certain that..

Come up with an argument with one of these seven subjects?

FantasyMusicFriendshipSelf-AwarenessRights Of PassageParental Rights And ExpectationsMetamorphosisFor example: Parents shouldshould not be able to tell their kids what to do. (Parental rights and expectations)This is for a persuasive essay.. I just need some ideas.Thanks.

I need a philosophical argument concerning suicide?

Specifically, one that shows how harming oneself/others defeats the purpose of suicide which is to pursue relief? it’s for an essay. Thank you!

The Allegory of the Cave- How does he use his comparisons to make his argument?

Plato compares a number of things in this essay – the material world to the world of ideas, the life of the mind to the work of governing, silver and gold to virtue and wisdom. How does he use his comparisons to make his argument? User tags:plato compares a number of things in this essay

Is this a valid argument?

Is this a valid argument for knowledge as being a “justified true belief”?Tom has a cat named Meow. Tom believes that Meow is sick because Meow has been throwing up and not eating. Tom is justified into believing that Meow is sick because he is a vet. And Meow is actually sick.This is for an […]