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What is the most interesting oceanography essay topic you’ve ever heard? (About ocean animals)?

It needs to be a very specific topic. I’m looking for an essay topic to write about in my advanced oceanography class. Please help. Thanks

Is it right for vegetarians to wear animals?

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Essays on the lives of birds and animals which is translated in hindi?

lives of birds and animals essays translated in hindi User tags:how to behave with animals in hindihow to behave with animals and birds in hindihow we should behave with animals in hindiessay how to behave with animals and birds in hindiessay on how to behave with animals in hindi

Do you think putting animals to sleep in pounds is wrong? why?

i am doing a persuasive essay on why euthanizing animals is wrong and i want to know other peoples opinion.

Can you help me to write essay abouit is better to keep animals in the zoo than to leave them in the wild?

please plan your essay before you write so can you help me

What are some problems with the fast food industry that affects humans, animals, and the environment?

and please a solutioni’m writing an essay for AP Englishthanks

Is it right for endangered animals…?

For my Economic class, we have an assignment where we have to write, we an essay I guess you could call it. Everyone choses a question to answer and then I guess we are supposed to all talk about it in class.My question is…Is it right for endangered animals to be protected at the expense […]

How much does testing on animals cost?

I read in a site it costs about $136 billion per year ( [external link] … But i was wondering if anyone had any other numbers? I’m writing an essay on this and I kind of need a little more info on the costs.

Colour blindness in animals?

i have a biology essay due pretty soon (for first yr uni biolog)i’ve been to the library but there’s literally nothing on my topic.. and i can’t just look up anything on the internet because i need to cite.if anyone can help.. or can direct me somewhere where i can find what i need i’d […]