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Will I be admitted to the University of Delaware?

- I am currently in my 2nd semester as a freshman at a junior college- I have a 3.06 gpa after my 1st semester- I am a New York resident- My SAT scores: Math-560 Reading-520 Writing-530- My high school averages: Weighted-91% Unweighted-80% (I don’t know how to convert to 4.0 scale)- I am a track […]

Chances of getting admitted to UCLA?

I am Mexican Top 2% of my class Taken 3 AP Classes: Spanish Language, Biology and US History: 5′s on each of them (Junior Year) Taking 5 AP Tests this may (Senior Curseload + 1 by myself (AP Spanish Lit) SAT Subject Tests: 800 Spanish, 750 Molecular Bio, 740 US History SAT I: CR:610 Math:730 […]

What are the chances of me getting admitted to cal poly san luis obispo?

My GPA isnt very high its about 3.3My SAT scores where onceCritical Reading 420 Math 400 Writing 520no essay score yetand then the other time(1st time)Critical Reading 480 Math 460 Writing 460essay-8haven’t taken act but will soon, also taking the sat subject test this weeki want to know if i have any chance whatsoever so […]

Is there ANY CHANCE I can get admitted to University of Wisconsin Madison?

My weighted GPA is 2.5 because I slacked my freshman and soph. year I started to get my act together this junior year and had a 3.5 both semesters.I am a HORRIBLE test taker and got an 18 on the ACT..However I am in the process of my two essays i am going to submit […]