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About admission to Princeton?

Is it true that Princeton loves people with artistic and athletic strengths? So it’s more advantageous ppl who r talented in art, music, or sports? Are u allowed to write about fake stuff about your artistic and athletic strengths to impress them? They don’t find evidence forstuff u write in your essay, do they?

What quality of writers does Pioneer Admission Essays have?

Pioneer Admission Essays mostly has writers who have completed their PhDs and Masters degrees. The quality of work these experts generate is truly out of this world.

Do Admission counselors read SAT essay while reviewing your application?

If u have done the SAT reasoning, u know that the 1st section is an essay. I heard that Admission counselors do read that essay u write on SAT…is it true? or false? Let me know! Tnx

Chances of admission to ASU Barrett Honors College?

Recently applied for regular decision. I am a senior in high school. I attended a private prep school for 3 years before transferring to a public school for senior year. Some stats:3.5 unweighted gpa560 on critical reading sat650 math sat27 act5 AP classesABOR (AIMS) free tuition scholarship I know my gpa and test scores are […]

How important are essays for admission to Yale?

The rest of my application, while within the ranges for the average student, is not stellar. I was not offered an interview. However, my essays came out quite splendidly. They definitely define me as a person and my English teacher even remarked that they were the best she has ever read.How much stock do you […]

I finished writing my university admission essay. The word limit is 300. But mine is 800+. Is it okay?

Are they really that strict when it comes to word limit? Has anyone in the internet society ever written an essay this long and got accepted anyway?Thanks in advance. #worried and #desperate

Writing personal essay for admission in Bsc Business?

I need to write a personal essay on admission form of Bsc Business, I do not understand that from where to start, where to end, what to write etc. Please tell me some points to write essay and a sample essay will be highly appreciable. Please also provide some useful tips. Thanks for your time.

Chances of admission to UT Austin as a transfer?

Hi everyone!I am currently majoring in Civil Engineering at a university not in Texas. I am beginning my transfer app for UT Austin & TAMU and was wondering several things:1. What is a good GPA to have if I am aiming to transfer as a civil major?2.For general admission, everything is considered (gpa, essays, etc.), […]

Is this a good topic for my admission college essay?

I was thinking about writing an essay about how people think college is the biggest scam in the USA. Is it a good idea? It’s for a school I don’t really care about if I get in or not. Is it a good idea or not? I just want to write it for fun to […]

Questions about admission into college?

Alright well Im a average student I guess. A’s and B’s with C’s in math and science in my earlier high school years. Right now I have all A’s and B’s minus a C in science…. Im really good in history and its probably my best subject. I scored a 1550 on my SAT and […]