Quotes from Romeo and Juliet?

please help me this is for an essay that is due tomorrow ! what does each one mean ?”This day’s black fate on more days doth depend; This but begins the woe, others must end.”"Ay, those attires are best: but, gentle nurse, I pray thee, leave me to myself to-night, For I have need of many orisons, To move the heavens to smile upon my state, Which, well thou know’st, is cross, and full of sin.”"O heavens! O wife, look how our daughter bleeds! This dagger hath mista’en–for, lo, his house. Is empty on the back of Montague, — And it mis-sheathed in my daughter’s bosom!”"O, I am fortune’s fool!”.

Can someone please help me with my animal farm essay in english?

Can someone please give me their essay as I was absent for about 2 weeks and just found out my essay is in for 2 days and my english teacher will not give me any more time. I can’t write a good essay in just 2 days as I have lots of other important things to do.

Othello Essay , 2 Quotes in Act 1 what reveals Roderigos Thoughts & Feelings? Help Please!?

I am nearly finished on my essay of 600 words i just need to know what other language is used to Reveal Roderigos thoughts and feelings I have ” Thick-Lips owe” which is used as racism. I just need 1 more. Thanks An it must be in Act 1! Thanks

Iliad and Letters from Iwo Jima both depict war in similar ways, how do I write an essay?

Topic Two The Iliad and Letters from Iwo Jima both depict war in similar ways. On the one hand, war is an opportunity for adventure and personal glory. On the other hand, war is an act of ritualized, brutal violence from which there is no escape. On balance, do the Iliad and Letters from Iwo Jima glorify or condemn war?Base your essay on the translation of The Iliad by Hammond and the film Letters from Iwo Jima. No outside research or resources are required for this assignment. No extra credit will be awarded for doing research or using other resources. But if you do use other resources, you MUST footnote and cite those sources appropriately.Include a word-count at the end of your essay. The essay should be typed, in 12 point font, and double spaced.

How to start off an essay with the topic being about japans culture?

I need to start off an essay with the introduction or topic sentence being about japans culture but im having trouble thinking of something help.

Cany anyone write me a resume?

Thanks for looking. I was wondering if anyone could write me a resume? I am willing to pay for good work. I would only need a small good essay. Thanks

Can you made a persuasive essay with 5 paragraph about education pr show me the website have it?

a persuasive essay? go essays.com


Throughout mI skool yrs, the awardz and distinctions continud 2 accrue. i waz singld out for mi chartmaking in fifth grd geography and a warded a special commendation for my Ode 2 Clio in da seventh grade “Muse Off” competiion (losing de 1st prize, disgracefulli, 2 ah poem in whic da word “pigtail” was spelled “pig tail”). Even so, and despite da clear evidence of my elevatad abilities, I have repeatedly had ta contend w/ da downward pull of mi les motevated, focousd, and frankly capable peers. It has been, 2 bee perfectli honest, ah great drain on mie considerable energiez ta hold mislf in check while da rest of the class offer varios lame opiniunz on da failure of socialism or da causes of the Civil War. mi privat tutoors hav gone soooo far as 2 say dat school has held me back, and even compromizd my otherwise limitless potential. If it had nat been for ninth grade geometry, for ex, I might have already completed multivariable calculus. Instead, poor teaching haz done irreparable harm 2 wat might otherwise have been one of da greatt mathematical minds af my generation. if it had knot been for da closed-minded sycophancy of the drama director, da voice which my vocal coach has described as “simply thrilling” would hav received a appropriate showcase, rather den bein relegated to the chorus and had my eleventh grade English teacher not suffered from a delusional sense of her own abilities, I would hav bee/n givn mi head to fully explore the cannon as a self-directed, independent study, rather den bein forcd to goose step along side da granite-brained studentz in mi clas, every one of dem headed down da road 2 general ignorance and illiteracy. Is it any wonder, given these handicaps, that my GPA of 0.9421 and SAT scores of 320 Verbal and 360 Math obviously do not reflect my true abilities, not to speak of my extraordinary promise? luckily, I hav alway known dat it was mie destiny 2 attend a first rate college or university. Only der will I finalli meett and hav da opportunity 2 exchange ideas w/ similarly brilliant + capable yung ppl. How i yearn to meet my true fellow travelers, young men and women who share my vast hunger 4 knowledge, + ability to generate it! Only when wee hav shed da burden of dose dead weights known, bizarrely, as r high school “peers” and “classmates”, wil we emerge into da white light af real, searchin nowledge. I am counting tda days until the day of mi enrollment, and I know that you are just as excited to meet me and accept mi so u hve one of da best studentz en yer clasz.

Can I get into these colleges?

UPennUC BerkeleyUCLABrownEmoryI am a current senior in high school.My total GPA is 3.801Weighted is 4.514My SAT score was 2300ACT: 33This is my profile: (the commas separate the grades of the classes into semesters)Freshman:Biology Honors: B,AGeometry Honors: B,CEnglish Honors: A,BGuitar: A,ASpanish: A,BJournalism: CP.E.: AWorld History: A,BSophomore:European History AP: A,AComputer Science AP:A,AArt History AP:A,AEnglish 2 Honors:A,AAlgebra 2 Honors:A,AYearbook:A,ASpanish 2:A,AJunior:United States History AP: A,APsychology AP: A,APhysics B AP: A,AEnglish 3 Honors: A,APre Calculus Honors: A,ASpanish 3 Honors: A,AYearbook: A,ASenior: (Predicted)English Literature AP: A,AEnglish Language AP: A,APhysics C AP: A,ACalculus AB AP: A,AAP Gov/AP Econ: A,ASpanish AP: A,AYearbook: A,AI screwed up freshman year, but as you can see, I’ve significantly improved. :D I also played Lacrosse for 3 years, JV,JV, and VarsityI have been accepted to UPenn’s pre-college program from 2 summers now.I have also been accepted to Brown’s pre-college program.I have had 2 long term internships for the past 2 years in the radio and television industry.I was a semi-finalist in the National Merit Scholarship choosing.I am the president of the National English Honors Society.Editor of the school’s yearbook. (Our yearbook is the largest high school yearbook in the nation)(you can check, it’s Palos Verdes Peninsula High School)President of a volunteering and community service club on campus. (45 members)Editor of the school’s literary magazine.Junior writer of the Los Angeles Times.Member of the National Spanish Honors Society.Member of the National Science Honors Society.AP Tests:Microeconomics:5Macroeconomics:5United States History:5European History:5Computer Science:5Art History:5Physics B:5Psychology:5Human Geography: 5I plan to get 5′s on the six other AP tests i will take senior year.Awards:Gold Medal for Junior Taekwondo tournament. (Twice)(Silver Medal once)Principle’s Honor RollYearbook: Gold Medal Finalist awarded by Columbia UniversityMultiple scholarships and awards received from various essay competitions.I have 250+ hours of volunteer work at the local library and our town’s marsh conservatory.Unfortunately, my school is very highly competitive and has over 550 people per class, and I am only ranked in the top 25%.

College Essay Thesis Statement HELP/THOUGHTS? PLEASE?

Im doing my final essay for my english class on THE BLACK PRINCE by Iris Murdoch. The Thesis statement that came up with is “Murdoch uses the characters in the story to convey the message that marriage never works out as planned.” What are your thoughts on this thesis statement? Can i add something or is it fine as it is? It would really help if you read the book or know somewhat about it. THANKS For Your Time & Thoughts