What does the manipulation of point of view mean?

I'm writing an essay for my literature class, and in the prompt it mentions this. What does this mean?

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4 Responses to “What does the manipulation of point of view mean?”

  1. trever says:

    Manipulation is basically trickery. I suppose you could try to persuade your audience that your point of view is the absolute best without making them feel as if you were shoving something down their throat. In other words, if you can convince your audience that the sky is purple so well that they actually look up to see if you’re right or not, then you’ve pretty much manipulated their point of view into yours. Make sense?

  2. jackels says:

    It means that you are being manipulated by the author in more than one way! Beware!

  3. vicinities says:

    Well… point of view means how you see things. And note that it is how YOU see things, so it is simply the process of manipulating how YOU or others see things by presenting it differently or in a style/manner.