What are my chances to get into UCSB?

Hello! I am a senior in high school right now. I received a low SAT so I really want to know my chances to UCSB. I applied as a computer science major.SAT: 1730SAT II: Spanish - 750, Chemistry - 680, Math 2 - 620UC GPA: 3.9 ( I had about 3.8 all high school, until 2nd semester junior year i got 4.3) So i have an upwards curve of improvementRace: Mexican - I was born in Mexico. Ranked: 71 out of 551 I have been in mostly AP and honor classes counting this senior year I will have taken 10 APs I have 5 APs this year. I have been in the Marching Band all four years Soccer Team for 2 years I work as a Student Brand Ambassador, I am president for a spanish honor society club in which I have raised a lot of money for a school in El Salvador, I am treasurer for key club, and I have a lot of Community Service hours. I won a scholarship to study abroad in Sweden, which was awesome.My essays were pretty strong. I also received AP Scholar with Distinction, an award at my school given to 35 seniors called Ivy Chain, and other awards. Im not sure what else you need to know.

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  1. cavnar says:

    If your TOEFL reaches above 110 it’ll be great. :) Now yes,the SAT is a bit low,but you can try writing it again.If you can reach above 1900 its great!SAT 2 scores look fine.Maybe Math2 requires a teeny weeny bit improvement,but its okay,buddy.GPA is good and since you’re gonna improve its fine. Rank is fine.The Extracurricular looks impressive.You’re on a safe side.All the best! :)

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