What are my chances of getting into NYU Tisch?

College Calculator said 44%.I'm looking to major in Film & Television or Dramatic Writing.I've got a 3.0 GPAI'm heavily involved in Media Arts at my schoolI've got a great portfolio ( short films, scripts, etc)I'm in National Honors SocietyMy SAT scores were 1680I don't have many other extracurricular activities besides MAI've got a strong essayI'm applying Early Decision.What are my odds?

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  1. torbernite says:

    Your best bet is to look at US News and World Report College rankings for NYU. It will break down the stats of the people who get in, giving you a clearer picture on your chances. You can also ask questions on collegeconfidential.com. Also, it never hurts to get a recommendation letter from an alumnus of the school you’re applying to. That being said, sometimes it’s hard to find someone to do that. If you can help the admissions people at NYU put a face to your application, that can also be extremely helpful.

  2. chestnuts says:

    My daughter applied ED for Dance and got in. She was one of two who got in ED dance her year. Don’t let that scare you. Dance only takes 30 freshman total. If you have a killer portfolio and they love you, you have a shot. The 3.0 GPA is on the low side. The Extracurriculars don’t mean much. It is 50% your portfolio and 50% academics.You cannot calculate anything regarding your portfolio and translate that into percentage numbers. It is too subjective. Even though I think they are looking for around a 3.5 for your GPA at Tisch, if they really like what you have done, they may still take you. If you went to a tough high school that has a great rep. they will take that into account. You may or may not be on what they call academic probation. They did that with one of the dancers who they loved who was 2 years ahead of my daughter’s class. I am not really sure what her GPA was.Good luck and let us know how you made out.*EDIT: You can have a 4.0 and a perfect SAT score and not get into Tisch. You have to ace the audition/portfolio. However, with two people of equal talent, the one with the better grades will get that spot.