What are my chances at NYU (New York University)?

I am a high school senior who applied to NYU for political science (CAS). I do not live in NY. Overall, my gpa is a 3.0. Although my grades were pretty low freshman and sophomore year, I showed an upward trend my junior and senior years of high school. The process of how I developed as a student is written in one of my essays. My ACT is a 28 (with a 33 in english and 28 in reading--those are my best subjects).My Senior year grades are: AP Psychology: B AP Statistics: C- AP Government: B- Newspaper Staff-AC: A, Spanish: B+, AP English: B- I have strong extracurriculars, well written essays, and great counselor and teacher recommendations. My counselor's recommendation does explain my lower grades and emphasizes on how my grades have had an upward trend since my sophomore year. What do you think? Do I have a chance?

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  1. alienate says:

    Go to your local state college.- NYU alumnus