Went to the library in order to find a book that would improve my writing…but?

I want to improve my writing level. I don't want to write stories or be a poet or anything like that. All I want is to imropve the way I write in Emails, messeges, blogs and even questions and answers here on Yahoo! Answers. I make so many grammatical errors. I also have some problems with using punctuation mark (You probably have already noticed that) Not to mention my poor vocabulary. And I also want to write better essays.I took some people advice to read anything. So I went to the library in order to find something I would read, but I couldn't choose anything! The only book that interested me was about human anatomy, and I don't think that would help me with anything. So my question is.....what should I look for when I go to the library? The only book I remember is the da vinci code, could that help solve my problems?Thanks in advance!

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  1. bemurmur says:

    I have the same problems. And most books I find are boring. But I bought a book called “Ooops Who’s grammar books is this”. Its a good book to teach you the rules of grammar and many more things I have never heard of. It’s really cheap if you buy if off of amazon.com like 1.50 used. Here is the link to it: [external link] …

  2. hydromorphous says:

    The Elements of Style by Strunk and White, a classic in the field

  3. hookish says:

    Libraries can be overwhelming, it is hard to know which books to start with. If there was a movie you really liked, you could look for the book that the movie was based on. A lot of people are reading and talking about Harry Potter just now. If you start reading those you could talk about the books with other people. Maybe you would like more thrilling books like the DaVinci code. One suggestion is to read what you have written out loud to yourself. That’s a good way to decide if your writing communicates what you want.In order to improve your vocabulary, try using one new word each day. These could come from news magazines, from books, from things you read at work. You could either use the word in writing, or while speaking to people.