Persuassive essay topic ideas?

I'm in 8th grade and I need to write a persuasive essay...I'm having trouble with what to write about. I want something original, yet strong enough(not like trying to get someone to give me a dollar lol) The only topic I have as possibilities are:Anorexia and bulimiaanimal rightsand child labor/sweat shopsCan you guess please help me, it doesnt have to be too serious, but also not too goofy. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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  1. equipartition says:

    percussive is wen you giving a advise to some vary about something for example don’t have sex before 18 because of all the thing you guys ,still don’t know that ya are suppose to be still learning about like aids….

  2. demitasse says:

    You should write about Columbus and how we shouldn’t celebrate Columbus Day. You can write about how he didn’t really discover America and all he did was kill a whole island full of people (Haiti).

  3. spinotuberculous says:

    smoking is a good one. use the essay to persuade tobacco companies to take their products off the market, or at least keep them away from teens.

  4. dumky says:

    war in iraqglobal warminggay rightscloning

  5. redduhs says:

    I’m in 7th grade and my class just got finished with persuasive essays. We wrote about things we wanted to change in the school like having a four day school week. We all had to choose the same thing and that’s what we wrote about. We had to have five paragraphs: Paragraph 1- Opening sentence. Includes who what where when and why. Paragraph 2- One supporting idea. Paragraph 3- Another supporting idea.Paragraph 4- Another supporting idea.Paragraph five- Closing sentence. Should include things that have not already been said. I think you should write about a four day school week. Here are reasons why we need it:Global warming- One less day of school uses less energy.Leisue time- Time for yourself. Sports, activities, and fun time.Study time- Enough time to study.Community service- This would be good for seventh and eighth graders who are making their Confirmation.