Help with good Vietnam and Iraq topics for English essay?

my english teacher is having our class write about any topic on the Vietnam and Iraq war. I need help finding a good topic.

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  1. matricide says:

    Hmm here may be some good ones:- Should the US pull out or stay in Iraq?- Did the surge work?- Why did the United States go into Iraq? – (subpoint) was it justified in going into Iraq (actually this point may be better).- How can the United States (or the Iraqis themselves) work to end ethnic tension and conflict in Iraq?- Was the United States justified in getting involved with the Vietnam War?- What was the United States military strategy during the Vietnam War and what do you think about it?- A topic about the draft and how people evaded it too would be a good topic :) All of the ones I mentioned are nice topics. Good luck! :) :)

  2. head-on says:

    In Vietnam, though it was not our declared war, we expended about 70,000 people and turned about quarter million human zombies by drafting teenagers, of our own citizens. Imagine we do not give the figure of destruction on the other side, but may be millions killed and millions Vietnamese families displaced for nothing to do with Americans. Why did we get into this?. The only reason is, Human Killing Machine Manufacturers (arms manufactures)of this country, who rule this country, under the pretext of democracy, to make money for their trade, from Americans(that is the funny part). That is why we are doldrums in our economy today.Another intellectual way to look at it is this-:We looked through nozzle of the USA made guns, at the opposite side looking at Chinese supplied guns(Vietnamese did not make them).Look around you today, Chinese nozzle of the gun, taking different intellectual forms occupied every house in USA (‘ the world), may be the very own shoes you are wearing are Chinese make. In other words, Chinese conquered us with their intelligence, where as we- Americans- are still looking through the nozzle of the same gun, at war in Iraq, loosing 4000 of our personals, killing numerous(we do not disclose opposite side of the number) Iraqis, misplacing at least or more of 2 million innocent families, making their lives worst than what “Saddam Hussein” provided as their leader(ex-UN leader even commented the same), for what?, to occupy their oil fields(make a $buck from Americans of trade of arms ) under the pretext of democracy, with a bunch of lies and terrorism(ruling you under fear of freedom). Imagine our Intelligence. Fear of Freedom is not Freedom.The question is do we have Democracy in our own country.Democracy is – for the People, of the People, by the People.Or is it – for Them, of Them, by the dumb voters (Them-capitalist{arms racist- like Putin put it}).We have to seek the truth to understand ourselves, and to achieve freedom.May be it is the cut-throat truth, you are afraid to face it ,or understand it. Remember fear of Freedom is not the same as FREEDOM.Reading NEWS is virtue of life and knowledge, not from some propagandist papers, but Internet. It is the truth I learn t.The Truth you have to understand is through a very simple logic. How did Vietnamese hurt us “Americans”?. Same logic- In what way did Iraqis hurt us ” Americans” (they were not part of Al-Querida).Listen to the song “war pigs” produced by Black Sabbath in 70′s. You can get it on Youtube

  3. dimerization says:

    Give the Irraq War a good look for a change. Write a paper about the progress we have made there. You may have to dig throught the media crap, but the truth is there.

  4. sheveled says:

    Here is some history at the links.I can also tell you that I have been told to never bring up politics in any way shape or form if I call Helen while she is there. The families of the former S. Vietnamese Government are low on the list for getting into school, work or medical needs. Some have their phones tapped in case they are plotting against the current communist government. People still disappear in the middle of the night. She does not want an innocent remark to turn into a death sentence for her family.