Cany anyone write me a resume?

Thanks for looking. I was wondering if anyone could write me a resume? I am willing to pay for good work. I would only need a small good essay. Thanks

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7 Responses to “Cany anyone write me a resume?”

  1. tetravalency says:

    Thanks for asking. A resume is nothing like an essay.

  2. todavia says:

    I can help. my email is [email not allowed]

  3. astrophysicists says:

    As was mentioned above, an essay is not even close to a resume.It is a really terrible idea to have someone write a resume for you. If you were to go to the state employment department (or look online, since there are tons of resume ideas online), they can help you – but to have someone write it for you just will handicap you in the future.Employers look at resumes for about 30 seconds when they receive one. They’re deciding to interview you based upon the content and presentation of the document. And employers, especially if they receive a lot of applications for a job, will use any excuse to narrow down the pile – typos, misspelled words, etc. If you can’t create a document like this, how can they trust that you can do your job?

  4. rosalil says:

    hi for resume check this blog its nice [external link] .

  5. prestomial says:

    I can help.. my ID, [email not allowed]

  6. braininess says:

    you can go to yahoo hot jobs the site will help you build a wonderful resume

  7. centrum says:

    how much