Canadian Immigration 1896-1914 Essay….. i need help with stuck?

Canadian Immigration 1896-1914 Essay..... i need help with stuck...i need to finish my esssay by weds... this is for my grade 10 history class

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    HI, here’s an overview, and links are below to help you with more information:The Last Best West (1896 – 1914) Eighteen ninety-six marked a dramatic shift in Canadian immigration policy. The new minister of immigration, Sir Clifford Sifton, decided to spare no expense in opening up the Prairies for settlement. He increased advertising abroad and introduced a series of reforms to the Immigration Department in order to make Canada look more attractive and affordable. Thanks to these measures and an economy that was generally booming, more than three million people came to Canada between 1896 and 1914. However, immigration would gradually become more selective and focused on either the types of skills immigrants brought to Canada or their ethnic backgrounds. French people in Québec would start to worry that these new arrivals to the country would marginalize their language and culture.IMMIGRATION FROM 1896 (LAURIER) to 1947 (KING) II: Setting the Scene: Immigration: 1896-1947 An Overview National and international factors combined to produce the flood of immigration to Canada between 1896 and the outbreak of World War I in 1914. As world trade recovered from the depression of the 1880s and middle 1890s, the demand and prices for foodstuffs increased in Great Britain and Western Europe. For most of the century, the U.S. had been regarded as the land of opportunity. However, by 1890 its good free lands had been occupied, and the tide of immigration turned northward to the Canadian West. Dry-farming methods and faster maturing strains of wheat, which had been developed in the U.S., were ideally suited to the low rainfall and short growing season of the prairies. Transportation for settlers and their products was available on the Canadian Pacific Railway, and the presence of the North West Mounted Police ensured the preservation of law and order. IMMIGRATION TO WESTERN CANADA 1896-1914 Donald Avery General Trends From Confederation until World War I there were two basic assumptions underlying Canadian immigration policy: that large numbers of immigrants were vital to the economic development of the nation; and that preference should be given to those types of immigrants who could be readily assimilated into the existing population. Under the terms of the British North America Act (Section 95), the Dominion and provincial governments were to have concurrent jurisdiction over immigration. However, after federal-provincial consultations in the 1870′s, it was agreed that a centralized authority, the Immigration Branch, should be created to carry out promotional activities and to oversee regulations dealing with the entry of undesirables such as paupers, criminals, and diseased persons. Immigration recruitment in the three decades after Confederation was not very successful. A large majority of the immigrants from western Europe and Great Britain felt that economic and social opportunities were superior in the United States. In fact, many nineteenth century Canadians were similarly attracted by ‘the American Way of Life’ and, by 1900, over a million former Canadians resided in the United States.