Can someone please help me with my animal farm essay in english?

Can someone please give me their essay as I was absent for about 2 weeks and just found out my essay is in for 2 days and my english teacher will not give me any more time. I can't write a good essay in just 2 days as I have lots of other important things to do.

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  1. polychromate says:

    Animal Farm EssayThrough a lack of education, the animals became unable to detect the slow progressing power Napoleon was establishing over them. Boxer is the most nieve of them all. He admired Napoleon, who was educated, and appeared so knowledgeable and practical. He worked excessively hard and always quoted “I will work harder” (77). Boxer was extremely uneducated, and although he tried “[he] could not go past the letter D” (23). Through this lack of education Boxer believed what he was told, for he was unable to know anything else. He also admired those of a higher education like the pigs and longed to be like them. For this reason, Boxer was unable to detect the power Napoleon was slowly establishing over the Animal Farm. Many people of the American society are also uneducated and become nieve to their surroundings, similar to the actions of Boxer. Often the immigrants that come to America are very uneducated in the American language. Through this lack of education they are very vulnerable and often believe everything that they are told because they have not learned otherwise. They look up to the educated people of society who have become so successful, and long to be like them. For this reason, they often do everything they are told in hopes of becoming successful and educated in their life. Yet, due to their lack of education, they are often taken advantage of in their work through unjust salaries and work hours. Boxer displays this same pattern of being taken advantage of with Napoleon throughout the trials and tribulations of Animal Farm. Lack of education throughout society will constantly allow the educated to prevail and rule over the uneducated. Those who lack education are often vulnerable to have beliefs planted into their minds even if they do not realize it. The most uneducated of all the animals on Animal Farm are the sheep. They are unable to read the commandments, and yet they believe that what everyone tells them is true. The pigs “have taught themselves to read and write” (15), so everyone agrees and believe everything they say because they are the educated ones. The sheep constantly chant “four legs good, two leg better” (91), after being trained by the pigs that this was the best way. The pigs were able to teach the sheep this simple yet critical tactic at the major point in taking control over the Animal Farm. Through this little bit of support from the sheep the pigs are able to establish a peaceful status of complete power. All the animals see how loyal and trusting the sheep are toward Napoleon and the other pigs, and they do not question his ways. Similarly to the animals belief in what they are told relates directly to that of children. Children in the American society become accustomed to believe what they are told by their parents and teachers. In the earlier years of childhood, a child is unable to read and write, and rely entirely on the teachings of their elders to guide them. Like the animals on Animal Farm, children will believe everything that an older peer tells them because they have learned all they know through them. Although children are not often deceived for power like the animals, the parallel relation is clearly evident. Through this comparison, it is concluded that through lack of education, particular beliefs can be persuaded into the mind of a person.

  2. tunic's says:

    Omg, i did this in year 10 last year and i read the book twice, which was a nightmare but oh well! Well first of all the farms and animals and ppl in it represent ww2, like pinchfield farm – Germany. Anyway heres a link to the wiki page that tells you about the plot, and the commandments., i found this quite difficult but i did do it in the end, wish you luck! xx [external link]