Can I get into these colleges?

UPennUC BerkeleyUCLABrownEmoryI am a current senior in high school.My total GPA is 3.801Weighted is 4.514My SAT score was 2300ACT: 33This is my profile: (the commas separate the grades of the classes into semesters)Freshman:Biology Honors: B,AGeometry Honors: B,CEnglish Honors: A,BGuitar: A,ASpanish: A,BJournalism: CP.E.: AWorld History: A,BSophomore:European History AP: A,AComputer Science AP:A,AArt History AP:A,AEnglish 2 Honors:A,AAlgebra 2 Honors:A,AYearbook:A,ASpanish 2:A,AJunior:United States History AP: A,APsychology AP: A,APhysics B AP: A,AEnglish 3 Honors: A,APre Calculus Honors: A,ASpanish 3 Honors: A,AYearbook: A,ASenior: (Predicted)English Literature AP: A,AEnglish Language AP: A,APhysics C AP: A,ACalculus AB AP: A,AAP Gov/AP Econ: A,ASpanish AP: A,AYearbook: A,AI screwed up freshman year, but as you can see, I've significantly improved. :DI also played Lacrosse for 3 years, JV,JV, and VarsityI have been accepted to UPenn's pre-college program from 2 summers now.I have also been accepted to Brown's pre-college program.I have had 2 long term internships for the past 2 years in the radio and television industry.I was a semi-finalist in the National Merit Scholarship choosing.I am the president of the National English Honors Society.Editor of the school's yearbook. (Our yearbook is the largest high school yearbook in the nation)(you can check, it's Palos Verdes Peninsula High School)President of a volunteering and community service club on campus. (45 members)Editor of the school's literary magazine.Junior writer of the Los Angeles Times.Member of the National Spanish Honors Society.Member of the National Science Honors Society.AP Tests:Microeconomics:5Macroeconomics:5United States History:5European History:5Computer Science:5Art History:5Physics B:5Psychology:5Human Geography: 5I plan to get 5's on the six other AP tests i will take senior year.Awards:Gold Medal for Junior Taekwondo tournament. (Twice)(Silver Medal once)Principle's Honor RollYearbook: Gold Medal Finalist awarded by Columbia UniversityMultiple scholarships and awards received from various essay competitions.I have 250+ hours of volunteer work at the local library and our town's marsh conservatory.Unfortunately, my school is very highly competitive and has over 550 people per class, and I am only ranked in the top 25%.

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  1. mitotix says:

    You’re a very impressive kid, your parents must be very proud!I’m not sure you have the Ivy wow factor. It’s hard to tell from your post. What is your Passion? (Writing?) The top colleges and Ivies want Depth and Focus in your extracurriculars (and community service) centered on your Passion. They don’t want well rounded students, they want a well rounded student body. They want experts. They also want to know that you have a goal, what you are going to do with their wonderful education. You need to stand out among your peers to be competitive for the Ivies.UC Berkeley probably, UCLA probably if they continue recent admissions policies. Kids were being accepted to Harvard but not UCLA, however, this seems to have changed recently. I think almost every senior from my son’s school who applied was admitted, that never happened in the past, and the school is an Ivy favorite. (But most chose other colleges to attend.) UCLA and Berkeley admit about 22% and 26% of freshmen applicants. The Ivies, ehh, maybe, Emory (about 30% freshmen applicants admitted), probably. Brown (about 10% freshmen applicants admitted) is popular with LA kids now, especially at the private schools. It used to be Yale, and Harvard, but it seems to have shifted to Brown (apps are up about 20% each of the last two years, that’s a lot), so there will be a lot of local competition. (My son is thinking of Brown, and it isn’t his dad’s alma mater.) U Penn admits less than 18% of freshmen applicants.I know what you mean by competitive, my son attends one of the top private schools in LA, and in reality, your first line of competition are your classmates. You must stand out. Your AP scores show that you come by your SAT scores honestly, just didn’t study to ace the SATs, and that your grades are legit. (My dh participates in the admissions process for his Ivy alma mater, and we have a rising 10th grader, so I need to know this stuff.)You will very likely be admitted to 3, maybe more, of those colleges. Have you looked outside the box? Do you have good college counseling at PVP? Be sure to ask someone to look over your personal statements, and get advice on the UC websites. You’re obviously a talented writer, but what they’re looking for may be different from what you usually write, so best to ask for help.UCLA Personal Statement [external link] …Good luck!

  2. shyest says:

    We didn’t need your entire transcript. You have a good chance. You should apply to at least 4 to 6 colleges. Your AP exam scores do not matter when it comes to being accepted. They are for possible college credit only. You should check the web sites of all these colleges to see if they accept the AP subjects you took. Not all schools accept all AP subjects.