Can anyone help me edit the grammar and punctuation errors in this paragraph from my essay?

Next, I would choose to take my scrapbook which is filled with valuable photographs and letters from my friends and family. Pictures are significant to me because they seem to immortalize one moment in time and capture a memory. My friends and family are very important to me, and having a small piece of them with me-- even if just in a photograph-- is soothing. I have always cherished the letters given to me by friends and loved ones. At times I like to reminisce about the past by reading through old letters, and it has always brought joy to my heart. Thus, bringing along my scrapbook would be ideal.

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6 Responses to “Can anyone help me edit the grammar and punctuation errors in this paragraph from my essay?”

  1. rettuts says:

    I don’t really see any mistakes…..butt………im maybe u should invest on some more interesting vocabulary of yours.

  2. babara says:

    I see no mistakes…A+! I believe you asked about grammer and punctuation, so don’t listen to the people who are trying to make you change your words, they obviously do not realize this paragraph has been taken out of the context of an entire essay!

  3. plages says:

    . . .old letters. THIS has always . .

  4. checking says:

    The first sentence is awkward… move it around a bit: Next, I would grab my scrapbook. This has all my treasured memories, letters, and photos.The next sentences are somewhat redundant, but very sweet… leave them. The second to the last sentence really doesn’t work in here at all.That’s it!

  5. enroller says:

    Perhaps a common after “At times” but that will depend on the preference of the person reading it. Otherwise, it looks fine to me.

  6. scornproof says:

    I would not start out with “Next,” I would take my scrapbook, along with the valuable photographs and letters from my friends and family. them with me, even if only in a photograph,by reading through old letters. It has always brought joy Bringing my scrapbook – Where? Where would you take it?