A good blogging website?

Right so i've been looking for a website which hosts free bloggs so i can...well blog...and basically just write some poetry/free-thought essays as a way to vent out, but i want other people to be able to read it.I'm looking for something similar to yahoo answers where other people can actually like read my stuff, rather than a private website. does anyone know any such websites?I've checked Blogger and blogspot out...but i couldn't find a feature where random people can read my stuff as well.thanks in advance

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  1. lapchak says:

    First of let I answer the first part of your question, any good blogging platform, that to on the basis of your requirements and the requirements which you are going to have if you manage to grow your blog big. Blogger.com is the best platform for all bloggers, irrespective of their tech expertise. In addition, another benefit of using blogger is that you get traffic from Google search as well. Google’s blogger.com is a pretty versatile blogging platform. The url format of your new blog will be xyz.blogspot.com, where xyz represents your name. But if you want the url to look xyz.com, then blogger allows you to do that as well. You can tweak the looks of your blog, from 1 percent to 100 percent and add much functionality to it as well.For beginner, getting started is quite easy too, just three steps:Create an account (if you have an existing gmail account, then you can use that too)Name your blogChoose a templateFor the time being you just create a new blogger blog and get started. In addition, Blogger supports multi languages too, so if someone wants to blog in languages other than English, he/she can do that as well.Now let I come to your second question: You want people to read your stuff. That depends on the popularity of your blog. If your blog is popular then more people will read your blog. In short, after creating a blog, one has to do certain things to promote it, or spread the word.Along with promotion, a blogger has to create interesting and useful content as well. Why are you comparing yahoo answers with a blog, they are entirely different things. To list some differences, you can’t run your banner ads at yahoo answers, but that you can do in your blog. But even if you like yahoo answers, you can use it actively and there are specific and blogging like benefits here too.Thx

  2. licentiously says:

    If you want to use ur blog commercially then select blogspot , its free but it will not ban youif you use for general use , then use wordpress , its also freein blogger , you can use huge amount of templates by collecting from all over the net.

  3. voetsch says:

    Below is a list of the top 10 best blogging websites.