I can’t remember the name of a certain website… could you PLEASE help me?!?

It's a website that uses wiki to write essays for you. I remember the background of it was green and the example topic was the civil war. i think i remember a big green button that says "GO" but im unsure. I can't find it and it's making me so mad! School starts tomorrow and i needed to read a book through the summer (I've gotten about 110 pages in and i just can't finish it. it's 340 pages) it's so boring. please help me!

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  1. barcarole says:

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  2. MacIIsi says:

    There are no free sites anymore that I know of. All the sites charge now. And a lot of teachers use a service to check papers for cheating or if they use online services that sell papers over and over. Also beware of scams, they take your money and don’t send you anything.~ [external link] …

  3. wzjbkai says:

    its called yahoo answers