Does the french revolution demonstrate that people can be trusted to govern?

Does the french revolution demonstrate that people can be trusted to govern?Why or why not? This is an essay question

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3 Responses to “Does the french revolution demonstrate that people can be trusted to govern?”

  1. bisti says:

    It demonstrates that people will only tolerate tyranny for so long. People might not directly govern themselves, but any leader weather it be a king or president must be conscious of the masses. John Locke has a great deal of insight on this subject check out his “Two Treatises of Government”. Hope it helps

  2. boatbuilder says:

    The French Revolution? No. The French Revolution ended up having the Year of Terror, as thousands were executed, including the Royal Family, with some outrageous accusations as well. It wasn’t until Napoleon Bonaparte took over that peace was finally re-installed. As well as reconnecting with the Roman Catholic Church.

  3. codirector says:

    That one didn’t. They turned into a giant lynch mob. So did the Russian revolution over a hundred years later. Our revolution was pretty orderly compared to those. If any proved your question it was ours that did.