What would be a good title for my personal essay?

it's suppose to be about something that changed your life, and i wrote about how my best friend went to a party with this boy she was suppose to be talking to and she ended up getting rapped by 5 guys, and how now i don't trust anyone i just meet and i'm weary about going out in public.but i can't think of a title for it.does anyone know a good title?

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3 Responses to “What would be a good title for my personal essay?”

  1. nokes says:

    The Crisis within Me Peeking around CornersTrust is my Own Street (a play on trust is a two way street?)

  2. salutiferously says:

    “A Lesson From the Worst Situation”

  3. battleful says:

    That’s really sad. :( like really sadummm:The Trouble with TrustA Trial of TrustWho to Trust?Who to Believe?Reformation of TrustSketchy Strangers (that would be weird never mind)How Safe are We?Uncertain of the Unknown’kay so some are kinda lame im kinda into the whole double letters thing. o well if you do end up picking me for best answer can you let me know what you decided? Thanks- I can tell that has the potential to be a really touching essay.