Help with Crime and Punishment? Need help writing an essay!?

"Crime & Punishment explores the lives of a variety of characters with different story lines. Concentrate on TWO different story lines. In your opinion, what is Dostoyevsky's purpose in creating these two different story lines and how does he achieve his purpose? In other words, examine the themes and ideas presented in the novel and examine how the author communicates them."Please help! If you could reference to some specific examples that would be EXTREMELY helpful. I have read the book. The story lines I can think of from the top of my head are the Marmeladov story line, Svid's story line, Dunya's story line, and of course, Raskolnikov's story line.

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  1. emelina says:

    So I heard you’re in Ortiz…

  2. langur says:

    There’s really no wrong answer as long as you can trace two story lines, think up a reason, and support that reason with evidence. I think you pick any of those two story lines you told, and I think you did a good job finding the correct subplots. I think I might pick Sonia and Raskolnikov because I could argue that though they are in similar circumstances of poverty, they deal with their situations in different ways (with Sonia, I mean she turns to religion, not just that she prostitutes herself…). I would say the Dostoevsky uses these two plots to deny the necessity of violence in ending poverty…but I think I’d better not say anymore. This is YOUR essay, not mine.

  3. deandre says:

    Okay, you know the story lines, so let’s think purpose.And gods’ sakes! BREATHE!Raskolnikov is obviously our main story line. Why was he created? Well, he murders and steals, then becomes horribly ill with guilt over the whole thing until he finally turns himself in. So there’s a moral lesson there. Dunya was my second fave character, though I haven’t read the book in years. But she’s the prostitute, right? Why and how did she become a prostitute? In the end, she gives it up and runs away to wait for Raskolnikov to get out of prison, yes? Is this perhaps an extra quip about the redeeming power of love?Don’t worry, you got this. You’re just over-thinking it.