Are there any good words/phrases that replace “this shows”?

I'm trying to write an essay for English class but all I can think of is "this shows that... is a bad character,etc". I need better phrases or words, like this portrays or something. Please help

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2 Responses to “Are there any good words/phrases that replace “this shows”?”

  1. argiris says:

    A good substitute might be : ‘This demonstrates that…’ Another could be: ‘So it is patently obvious that….’

  2. defecte says:

    “From/through this, we can see that/it can be seen that…”"Therefore, by looking at the way [character said such and such to blah blah], the reader is made aware of…”"Thus, through close examination of [such and such], it is clear that…”"Hence, it is revealed that…”Also, another technique to try is morphing quotes into your sentences, to further add strength and credibility to your argument without you specifically having to explain them. The context itself does this. For example:”It is on account of Victor’s actions, in creating “the life that he so wantonly bestowed”, and then refusing to accept the consequences of such, that he was condemned. Shelley communicates this by drawing parallels between Victor’s fate, and the fate of the mariner in the epic verse poem “Rime of the Ancient Mariner”, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge: [insert from poem]… This bares striking similarity to [this event], and it is through this reference that Victor’s fate is foreshadowed…”