What are some good topics as to writing an essay about causes and effects of that topic?

Any ideas? Please help! Thank you~!

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5 Responses to “What are some good topics as to writing an essay about causes and effects of that topic?”

  1. LEAH says:

    EarthquakesReligionFloodsNuclear reactions or explosionsStorms (tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.)car accidentsalcoholdrugs (both legal and illegal)smoking

  2. upchucks says:

    Cause and effect.Getting your food caught on fire = fireGetting a cut on your finger = painand so on.

  3. jfwhome says:

    Cause: Cyber bulliesEffect: Teen suicide

  4. blastoporphyritic says:

    I think a good topic would be Obsessive Compulsions. You would have many to choose from and there would be many causes and effects for any one of them. e.g. viewing porn, masturbation, exhibitionism, just to name a few.

  5. riverlet says:

    Racism.Cause: ignorance, fear (instilled by others), dislike of differenceEffect: [victim - target of racist taunts] body dymorphism, self hate, self destruction[victim - racist]civil war, bitterness, stereotyping, missing of opportunities (to make friends with their victims etc), people think they’r ignorant cos intelligent ppl are smart enough to realise race doesnt’ matterI could go on.