To anybody that read the book “The Kite Runner” (Please help)?

I'm a senior in High school, and for my summer reading, I had to read 'The Kite Runner' (Which I did). After reading the story, This is what I have to do."Your task is to relate the book to events in your life, community, nation, or world. You may choose to focus on resistance to extremism and intolerance of any form such as oppressive governments, violent hate groups, bullies, racism, terrorism, or extremist ideologies. Your essay should relate the themes and events in The Kite Runner to your chosen topic by exploring the similarities and differences between the situations and drawing lessons from the book that can be applied to real life. Please cite at least three examples from the book to support your thesis."My question is, can somebody please give some ideas on how I can start this? I'm pretty stuck, and I need to have this typed and finished by Monday morning.... Thanks!

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2 Responses to “To anybody that read the book “The Kite Runner” (Please help)?”

  1. multitudinous says:

    There are many examples where the book relates to real life.. blah blah blah,? Pick the strongest examples n ones u can explain best

  2. perceive says:

    choose how it relates to your life. do you feel bullied or like you have no voice, or are a victim of prejudice?by the way, there is a homework section