Is it possible to have two thesis statements in a single paper?

The essay prompt began by asking to explain a priests take on a subject matter (this one in particular was Myth within the Scriptures) and then proceeded to ask for specific examples within the Bible corroborating and explaining the person's view. If I made a thesis explaining the person's view (we'll call it the minor thesis because it wasn't the main part of the prompt) and then a major thesis (the one seriously in question) explaining how the myths were proving the person's view, would this be incorrect? My teacher claims this is impossible, since there would "technically" be two theses, but I have reason to believe otherwise as the first was not necessarily a thesis, just a simplification of an opinion. If she is right that they were both technically thesis statements, would this be allowed? My argument was that the prompt has two parts so two theses aren't incorrect. HELP! MY GRADE DEPENDS ON IT.

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  1. geotonic says:

    No. A cohesive paper contains one thesis and evidence to support that thesis. More than one thesis would confuse readers and the paper would most likely become “off-topic,” negatively impacting your grade.