What is a synopsis of a book?

I've been getting mixed answers. I have to write a one page essay (synopsis) on a book... But some people tell me it is where you briefly but interestingly tell what is happening to get people to read the book. Others say it is basically a summary but with more detail?

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3 Responses to “What is a synopsis of a book?”

  1. ileitides says:

    I think it’s basically a summary

  2. beetroot says:

    It is a summary of the plot, main theme lines, etc. It is not a review (your judgement of the book) or a “teaser” to get someone else to read.

  3. copiously says:

    A synopsis is the general view of a whole. This means that if you have to write a synopsis, you have to summarize *the whole book*. A summary is like a teaser, the kind of thing that you find in the back of a cover; its goal is to spark your interest, while the synopsis is simply a short retelling that only contains the most relevant information of whatever you are explaining.So, for you essay, you have to make a simpler retelling of the story you read.