Can someone please motivate me to finish this stupid english essay?

i really dont wanna do it lol

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6 Responses to “Can someone please motivate me to finish this stupid english essay?”

  1. subcontrary says:

    think about the african children who can’t even go to school..

  2. budnick says:

    Well, Lol, I have a biology essay that I am supposed to be doing, but I am almost done. lol, I TOTALLY agree with you, I really don’t wanna do it. But hey, sooner you finish the sooner you will be done? Ha, ewww… Anyway, It depends on what your english essay is about. For me, I like bio, so right now I’m learning about plants. CAM photosynthesis! Figure out something interesting. If you have to write an essay about a famous poet, for example, find something interesting about that person. Try to learn something new. (Learn something new that you want to learn.)

  3. erythrogenic says:

    if you dont do it your grade will suck. then your parents will kick you out. then you will quit school and develop a crack addiction. then you will become a crack whore. untill oneday you OD all alone by yourself because you never amounted to anything. because you didnt do your stupid english essay. maybe just do his little brother the paragraph…

  4. irreproducible says:

    Well, you really have no choice if u want a good grade. Just grab some coffee and start. Something is better than nothing

  5. denarius says:

    Just try to get your own ideas into paper. Do not get lost, panic or whatever.Just try to calm down and start work.

  6. twingeing says:

    just think: after you finish your english essay you are THAT much closer to making out with the guy of your dreams.