Why can’t I concentrate anymore?

I've struggled all my life through college, with spelling, writing long pieces of text, forming notes, that sort of thing. (also never been able to learn left and right off the top of my head if that's any relevance, have to use my thumb and first finger to form an 'L' for left). I've started college this year and because of the work load I am finding it exceptionally hard to write essays, notes for the essays and just generally keeping up in class. Mum has always thought I've had dyslexia but never done anything about it as cannot afford assessments and school wouldn't fund it! I'm also finding it really really really hard to concentrate, which is affecting everything to do with college and coursework.I have early mornings and late nights - long days at college! (9-5, which because of travelling, and getting ready in the mornings, is 5:30/6-7ish) which obviously isn't helping but there is nothing I can do about this. I'm also having to stay up late (gone 12) to do coursework because I have so much work and struggle to do it, so it takes twice as long! So anyway (after that rant) does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do? or anything that may help my concentration as I think if I can get that sorted I can get the work done!Thanks in advance!

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  1. tundra says:

    The lack of concentration could be:-ADD (hyperactivity, a very common symptom of this is lack of concentration)-Dyslexia, your struggle with long pieces of text and the ability to learn left from right is a very big hint towards you having dyslexia. If you also have trouble with spelling/grammar it can be pretty safe to say you are dyslectic-Damage to your frontal lobe, although unlikely as you have had this problem your entire life ask your parents (or clumsy uncles/aunts) whether you have been dropped as a child. The frontal lobe plays a very big role in planning/concentration.

  2. membrana says:

    I use Focus factor and it is great. it has everything you need for a sharper mind. i use it every time i have an exam. i found about it from http://www.brainopinions.com/focus-fa… you can try it and see if it helps. Report Abuse

  3. multiovulate says:

    Sounds like you need to have a word with your lecturer and take a couple of days off, Put your feet up and do nothing but sleep ..

  4. corometer says:

    I had the same problem and I got on ADD/ADHD medicine and it helps. If you can afford that definently get it otherwise set consequences for things not getting done say “I have to get so many pages done or else, I’ll fail this class” or rewards like “if I get 3 pages done I can go eat some candy or something”

  5. llxpage says:

    You may have ADD or ADHD.