My school essay is about inner beauty. i need a title that matches the subject?

I want a title that is different and unique. Something that is different from "inner beauty"

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15 Responses to “My school essay is about inner beauty. i need a title that matches the subject?”

  1. unmoneyed says:

    How about something like ‘the beautiful paint on the interior wall of your soul’, or maybe ‘the beauty of the heart’

  2. tabefaction says:

    shine from within

  3. NeoDesk says:

    beauty is only skin deep

  4. calathian says:

    “Behind the Curtain”As in what’s inside as oppsed to what we show the world (outer skin)

  5. upases says:

    try “diamond in the rough” or something like that

  6. understatements says:

    Have you heard for the song of Sugarbabes called “Ugly”? Call your essay “Pretty” or “Beauty”! (You can use the text from the song somehow if you want)

  7. phonophotoscope says:


  8. shrimp says:

    Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.An uncarved diamondNot all that glitters is gold.

  9. upper says:

    Beauty is as Beauty DoesHidden BeautyThe Beauty PersonaBorn BeautifulEverbody’s BeautifulSpiritual LovelinessMore than Skin Deep

  10. ambrosiaceous says:

    MIRROR MIRROR on the wall?:)

  11. arachnoidean says:

    Expressing what’s inside by speaking it out.

  12. inventive says:

    The hidden beauty

  13. kodakist says:

    “Inner Muse”The “muse” in this case is beauty, etc, which “tells” (i.e. muses) about the person.

  14. expository says:

    “From the Inside Out”

  15. menechia says:

    essential :)