Help with a title for macbeth essay! EASY 10 POINTS?

So, I just wrote a Macbeth essay for english about gender, and how women were 2nd class citizens back in shakspeare's time, and how the characters in macbeth try to distance themselves from feminine traits so that they do not loose power. I talk about how Macduff embraces both male and female traits and because of this, he is a greater man than both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. I need help thinking of a good title quick, because its due tomorrow and I really gotta go to bed! thanks!

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  1. agaz says:

    second class shakespearladies of macbethman vs woman: a study of macbeth (lol this sounds scientific)

  2. traditioner says:

    Is this a nail file I see before me?

  3. raffish says:

    How about Courage?!?! It took a lot of courage for Mac Duff to embrace the female traits .

  4. maryse says:

    Femininity in Macbeth