Essay Writing.. i need help i can’t write an essay to save my life! i need help some to write it for me.?

i will give BIG Points to the person who can write me a good essay!It has to be a Informal Essay here are some of the topics that it has to be writin on.Where i grew up influenced the way i see things.why i am proud of my family's history.or whatever u the writer would pick to be a good essay to write about.Big Points to the best essay I Mean it! i really need some help here the last essay i wrote i got less in 55% on it. it was very sad. :( i can write letters, poems, speech's. but not an essay! thank u SO much, :)

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3 Responses to “Essay Writing.. i need help i can’t write an essay to save my life! i need help some to write it for me.?”

  1. acone says:

    Screw points, show me the $$$!

  2. dehydrogenated says:

    BIG points what the hell does that do for me? Sounds like all the benefit is on your end…write your own dam essay!

  3. Cherokee says:

    Sorry. All of us had to write essays and back then I didn’t have the internet to help me. Just write something you’d enjoy reading or think others would enjoy reading. If all else fails, ask your teacher for advice. Besides that, it sounds like they’re personal essays. How in the world are we supposed to know how you’re proud of your family’s history or where you grew up influenced the way you see things? That would simple to write if it were me, but I’m not where you are. And I’d be rather upset if my children asked someone else to do their homework. Talk to your parents for help also. Parents are great helpers.